We've been getting a lot of questions about the "single layer" option available for some of our NATO straps. The single layer version is simply a normal NATO strap with the second layer of nylon [under the watch head] removed. This makes the strap wear noticeably slimmer and closer to the wrist, which is especially nice for those of us with wrists under 7". Removing this layer does not remove the protection of keeping the watch attached if one spring bar fails. That safety net is provided by the top layer that passes through the spring bars, not this secondary layer that is removed.

Single layer is available as a selectable option on our web site before you add a Supreme NATO or Matte Supreme strap to your cart. If you are unsure, and want to try the strap as a normal double-layer NATO first, it's easy to modify the strap yourself at home. Just check out the How-To section on our website.

In the photo above, the left two straps are the single layer version, and the right two straps are the "regular" two layer, traditional NATO version (which is the default, unless you checkmark "single layer").

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