Last year's release of the Woven Jacquard Camo straps was a huge success, with these straps being some of our most popular to date. We started with "Forest" - a dusty olive/tan camo and "Urban" - a mix of multiple cool gray and black tones. We're proud to announce "Jungle" - a new take on the same form factor, but featuring bolder green and brown tones for more pop of color on the wrist. The new Jungle Camo Jacquard Woven strap is available in two form factors as well, including the US Military Nato and the Chevron Adjustable. Both feature different hardware and keepers but the same high-quality woven fabric as the base. You can check those out via the link below and keep reading to learn more about the other four new additions to the shop.

Shop the new Jungle Camo Jacquard Here

In Case You Forgot: What's Jacquard?

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's take a look at what exactly jacquard is. Jacquard is a type of fabric that's woven on a jacquard loom. Our strap lineup is made on a genuine jacquard loom that's really the only way to get the depth and texture of these camo straps. Jacquard looms were one of the first uses of binary code, where textile workers would load punch cards into the machine that dictated what pattern would be reproduced in the cloth. Jacquard fabrics have a unique look that's seen in these new straps. There are multiple colors, textures, and layers that look unlike anything we've ever produced.  

2 New US Military Natos

Loosely based on the mil-spec design, our US Military Natos take the issued design up to the next level with premium fabric and hardware. The strap itself features a blend of cotton and nylon for an immediately comfortable strap with tons of flexibility and strength. It'll support both heavy and light watches extraordinarily well while remaining comfortable all day. The hardware on these straps is some of the best out there, featuring a flared design and a mix of brushed and polished surfaces. these 316L stainless steel buckles keep your favorite watch securely attached to your wrist. While the style of strap isn't new, the Navy and Black colorways are, so head over to the shop to check them out. 

Shop USM Nato in Navy and Black Here

2-Piece Natos in Two New Colors

Our 2-Piece Nato is like a cousin of the USM style nato, except its more like a traditional strap. Featuring the same fabric and buckles as the strap above, these 2-Piece natos are just that - two pieces. Attach them like you would any two-piece strap. One of the main benefits of a two-piece strap is the lack of fabric running between the watch and your wrist, making for a slimmer wearing experience. You'll also notice the two highly finished metal keepers in place of the fabric strap seen on the USM nato that adds a touch of class to your favorite timepiece. Joining the lineup is the new Navy and Black. 

Shop 2-Piece Natos Here

We're really excited to see what watch/strap pairings you put together with these new straps, so make sure to follow along and tag us on Instagram whenever you post a photo of your new C&B straps. 

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