While we’re not here to hate on bracelets (even though we’re a little biased towards straps), there’s no denying that the all metal look can get a bit monotonous over time. Maybe you’ve worn the bracelet for the entirety of owning a watch and just want to switch up the look. The best way to do that is to invest in a few new straps. They’re easy to swap out day-to-day and can totally change up the look and feel of your most-worn watches.


Today, we’re taking a closer look at the iconic Omega Speedmaster. It's one of those watches that's extremely easy to pair with nearly any strap. The steel case, black dial, and white accents make it one of the most versatile watches out there. Let's check out some new releases from the C&B catalog that work great with the Speedy. 

A Military Approach: US Military Style Nato in Slate

One of the newest straps in the catalog, the US Military Nato is perfectly suited for the Speedmaster. The rugged military aesthetic of the strap pairs extremely well with the utilitarian look of the Speedmaster. Premium hardware features brushed and polished accents that match the finishing on the case of the Omega. Our Slate grey is a mid-tone grey that makes the black on the watch really pop. The strap is comfortable for all day wear, and even though you probably won't be swimming with your Speedy, it'll stand up to a splash with no problem. 

Shop the USM NATO in Slate here

Premium Strap for a Premium Watch: Chevron Noble in Bleu

The Chevron Noble takes hardware to the next level with its elegantly finished buckle and keepers. Featuring a sapphire blue knit fabric, the Noble is a great way to add some texture to your wrist while remaining slim and comfortable on the watch. Speedmasters look great with nearly any strap, and this pairing is proof. 

Shop the Chevron Noble in Bleu here.

Something A Little Different: Two Piece Tapered Nylon Strap in Charcoal

The 2-Piece Tapered strap is perfect for those chronographs that tend to run on the thicker side. While the Omega Speedmaster isn't unruly on the wrist, sometimes eliminating even a single pass of nylon between your wrist and the bottom of the case can make all the difference. Featuring premium stitched contruction and a unique tapered weave, the 2-Piece Tapered collection looks great on a variety of watches. The heavily textured weave looks great with the smooth dial of the Speedmaster, making it an ideal companion to everyone's favorite moon watch. 

Shop the 2-Piece Tapered Strap in Charcoal here.

As you can see, it’s not hard to make your watch look and feel completely different with just a few easy steps. Of course, these three straps aren’t the only way to pair your Omega Speedmaster, but we think they’re a pretty great start. Make sure to browse the rest of the site to shop a huge variety of colors, materials, and styles of nylon straps from Crown & Buckle.

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