New Leather NATO Straps Are Here!
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The much anticipated Season 3
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  • Heavy Duty NATO

    Heavy Duty NATO

    Heavy Duty [HD] NATOs are similar, yet very different from our Standard and Premium collections. A lot of the color choices are the same, but there are two key differences versus the rest of our NATOs: the hardware and the nylon.

    HDs have heftier, oval-shaped hardware, and are crafted with an extra-heavy nylon weave that ultimately makes the strap thicker, stiffer, and stronger. HDs are great if you like having a pronounced setting for your watch or prefer a bulkier feel. If you typically gravitate towards a heavier or larger watch, try pairing it with one of our 3-ring (single layer) or 5-ring (double layer) HD NATOs!

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  • Surviving The Heat

    Surviving The Heat

    Survive the oppressive heat with a NATO strap on your watch. The nylon fabric is comfortable, durable, and waterproof. With 13 sizing holes, you can find the perfect fit when your arm swells and sweats. The waterproof nylon is up for any pool or beach activities, and can be washed with soapy water after a sweaty, sun-screen-y day.

    Mix it up with some fun color combinations, and you'll be prepared to take it straight from the beach to the evening BBQ this summer.