We believe that greatness is in the details.


We believe that greatness is in the details.




Phew, we've been busy! We've got a slew of great new products. Short summary of each below!

James Bond The classic "Goldfinger" nylon strap pattern is now available in both Chevron Adjustable and Supreme NATO straps. You asked, and we listened! We are particular proud of how well the Chevron version came out.

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Bronze Chevron Our renowned Chevron Adjustable straps are now...

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More Restocked Items

Further to our last update, some more re-stocks went up on our web site this week! Most current models of 2-piece leather & canvas straps were stocked, as well as most Standard, Premium, and Heavy Duty NATO straps as well. Two notable omissions from the 2-piece straps are our Harbor and Anchorage models, which are both still in production. They should be back in early October. Lastly, 6-watch rolls were restocked as well.

If something you were looking for still seems to be missing, please feel free to drop...

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New Straps!

Just in time for the holiday weekend, we posted some new straps on the site! We'll keep this short, so you can get right to checking them out.

Supreme NATO: we have a new colorway seen above. It is Black & Desert in the "Bond" striped pattern. This colorway is available in all 4 sizes (19, 20, 21, 22). We also have new three new colors available in 19mm and 21mm: Desert Tan, Auburn, and Burgundy.

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Supremes Restocked + More Updates

Loyal fans of ours may have noticed we've been out of stock on quite a lot of straps! Thankfully this doesn't have much to do with the global pandemic. We are blessed that our factories are still opened. This is more on us, simply being behind on placing production orders!

Anyways, here are updates of where we are at with everything.

Supreme NATO - Fully re-stocked yesterday (Sept. 2nd).

Chevron Adjustable - Fully re-stocked today (Sept. 3rd).

All Other NATOs - Some have arrived in 2nd week of September, the rest...

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