Walnut Boxcalf


The two-piece Walnut Boxcalf is a two-layer strap, where the underside (lining) is the same as the topside of the strap. This leather is unlike any we have carried in the past. It is a "Boxcalf" style leather, which is chrome tanned, full-grain calfskin leather. This leather is incredibly strong and has virtually no stretch. Boxcalf is somewhat stiff when it is brand new, but trust us, these straps are worth the break in period!

The Walnut coloration is a medium-tan dye that is applied to both the grain and underside flesh of the leather. It is similar in color to a natural veg tan leather that has been in the sun for a year+. This color is quite versatile in the types of watches it can be paired with.

Ecru thread is machined-stitched across the length of the strap, and the edges are subtly dyed in a slightly darker brown shade. One fixed and one floating keeper. The strap is supplied with a 304L stainless steel buckle in your choice of finish.

This leather is produced in and sourced from France.

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Length115/75mm (Reg.)
Widths18x16, 20x16, 22x18 (lug x buckle)
Buckle StyleVintage Style
Hardware FinishYour Choice
TypeLeather 2-Piece

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