Slate 2-Piece NATO 20mm


Though regularly requested, we had a mental block against 2-piece NATO straps. It might be because the generic ones on the market are just so bad that we couldn't even bring ourselves to consider them. That all changed when we started sampling this cotton/nylon hybrid fabric. Comfortable on the wrist, but with just enough stiffness to control your watch, we knew the material would be well suited for a 2-piece strap.

Unlike most 2-piece NATOs on the market which are just a single layer of regular old nylon, we decided to layer-up the hybrid fabric for a more substantial strap that combines the best features of nylon NATOs and traditional 2-piece straps. The proprietary layering of cotton/nylon fabric is expertly sewn together with matching thread. The end tip of the strap is sewn for added strength and durability (plus, it looks awesome).

The strap features one fixed keeper and one sliding keeper, so you don't end up with an unruly tail on the strap. The flared buckle and faceted keepers are precision machined from the finest 316L stainless steel, and they feature brushed surfaces with polished chamfers. You simply cannot find finishing of this level anywhere else on sub-$150 watch straps. The 125mm/70mm strap length with 7 sizing holes should be versatile for many wrist sizes.

A note about the wear of these straps: the cotton component of the fabric will begin to exhibit subtle "fuzziness" on the edges and top surface with use/wear. This will not affect the strength or durability of the strap in any way. It simply shows that the strap is being used well!

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Length125mm/70mm (Regular)
Buckle StyleFlared Style
Hardware FinishBrushed
Type2-Piece NATO

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