Dark Chocolate


The Dark Chocolate model has become a staple since our 2014 launch of American Made watch straps. This leather is heavily oiled and heavily textured, giving it a distinctive rustic look. Dark Choco leather has one of the best pull-up effects of any leather that we have carried. Pull up is the displacement of oils in leather when flexed, leaving a temporary but noticeable lightening of the surface color.

The natural texture of the Dark Choco is striking. Full grain leather is on glorious display, where deep and distinct textures (and even the occasional scar or brand) are easily visible. The candy red stitching is an added touch that sets this strap apart. Dark Choco has a very soft hand and is slightly stretchy, making for a very comfortable watch strap. We leave this leather a little on the thick side (1.6-1.9mm), as it is too stretchy when skived down any thinner.

Each strap is made by hand in the United States, including hand stitching using heavy gauge thread. This model is constructed in a single-layered 3-ring NATO style. The backside of this strap is the unlined natural suede of the leather. It features stainless steel "Heavy Duty" style hardware in Brushed SS or Black PVD.

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Length11" / 280mm
Buckle StyleNATO
TypeLeather 3-Ring

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