Bronze Hex Watch Case


After years of making the finest leather watch rolls on the market, we've finally expanded into a proper "hard case" watch travel tube that has some great features. The added protection of a hard shell case with internal pillows comes with the trade off of the 3-watch tube being about the same size as a 4- or 5-watch leather roll.

Each watch tube is crafted with a sporty nylon exterior and microsuede interior. This respective variation features a bronze exterior and O.D. interior. The stitching is done in matching thread inside and out.

A well thought out design, the hex shape prevents the tube from rolling around. The interior pillows, which can be removed individually, have alignment tabs to prevent them from rotating or shifting within the tube, so your watch won't move around. The lid unrolls flat to give you a soft surface to work on for strap changes, or just resting a watch on while loading the tube. The pillows can flex quite a bit, allowing easy and secure fitment of metal bracelets.

Key features:

  • Fits three watches on individual, flexible pillows that accommodate a variety of watch sizes and strap/bracelet lengths.
  • Hex shape prevents the tube from rolling, and the lid unrolls flat. Four snap closures keep the lid secure.
  • Alignment tabs on each pillow and dividing walls between each watch slot protect your watches from moving in transit.
  • Dimensions (exterior): 8.5" x 4" x 3.25" (L x W x H)
  • Dimensions (watch slots): 2.13" width, 3" height
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TypeWatch Case
Fits3 Watches
LiningO.D. Microsuede
ClosureSnaps (4x)

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