Black Shell Cordovan


We've outdone ourselves; these are our nicest leather straps to date. Featuring venerable Horween Shell Cordovan, each strap is constructed with full machine stitching using fine cotton thread and is finished with a supple calfskin lining. A difficult to execute triple back-tack stitch by the spring bars adds strength and style, a subtle detail only found on high end straps. Offered here is the inky black color that is dyed and glazed by hand at Horween. The strap edges are burnished and dyed black. 316L SS buckle in your choice of finish.

About Shell Cordovan

When it comes to watch straps, shell cordovan is a desirable material for several reasons. The first, and most important, is that it is quite durable. It is a strong material with almost no stretch, but that doesn't mean stiff. Shells range from about 1.5 to 2.5mm thick on average, making them comfortable and flexible without being flimsy. Unlike normal leather hide, shell cordovan doesn't crease, and it will generally out-live cowhide. The look of shell cordovan is distinct, with a semi-gloss, smooth finish that is hand-dyed and will patina over time.

Horween Shell Cordovan is legendary in high-end shoe-making, and its unique characteristics make it sought after for watch straps as well. A "shell" is the connective tissue found underneath the hide on a horse's rump. Shells are quite small, averaging about 2 sq/ft, whereas a whole cow hide may be 50-60 sq/ft. Horween has been tanning shells for over a century, the process taking 6 months with 100+ steps along the way. Due to the high price and low availability, it can be hard for small makers to get their hands on genuine Horween shell cordovan.

Due to the hand-made and hand-finished nature of both shell cordovan and our American Made straps, please allow some variance in color and appearance versus the photos.

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Length115/75mm (Reg.)
Widths18x16, 20x16, 22x18 (lug x buckle)
Buckle StyleVintage Style
Hardware FinishYour Choice
TypeLeather 2-Piece

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