About C&B

Our Philosophy

Crown & Buckle is a renowned online watch strap store offering custom-styled, high-quality nylon and leather straps at a reasonable price point. At Crown & Buckle, we abide by the philosophy that greatness is in the details. This belief seeps into everything we do - from the wide collection of styles we offer and the hand picked leathers we use, to how we stitch each thread and treat each customer. Our obsession to detail — and stance against mediocrity — is what makes Crown & Buckle who we are.

Our Straps

The collection of straps you'll find on our site are chosen, designed and made to make your wrist wonder, "Where have you been all my life?" Our straps are like our friends. Carefully picked. Non-pretentious. Stylish. Never mass produced. Always high-caliber.

We work directly with many manufacturers, factories, and workshops to bring you our exclusive collection of watch straps. In doing so, we do not have to buy our straps from another brand, who in turn is paying someone else to make their straps for them. We are able to maintain our fair prices by stocking a very large inventory right here in Florida. We keep our margins as low as reasonable in order to reach you, our customer, especially in the current global economy.

We have reached the best possible balance of quality materials, fit & finish, and affordability. Simply put, you will receive an excellent quality watch strap at a very fair price.

Company History

The concept for Crown & Buckle was developed in late 2010, when Thomas Lathrop set out to combine his passions of watches and entrepreneurship. Determined to create a brand that people are proud to wear, represent, and share, Thomas pioneered a watch strap shopping experience which brought buying a strap beyond a faceless transaction. Since our web site launch in 2011, we have made personal service a priority, and pride in our work is an absolute must.

In the summer of 2013, we moved into a 1,500ft/2 office and warehouse facility in Palm Beach, Florida. Having outgrown that space, we moved again in early 2016 to a 3,500ft/2 facility. Most recently, in 2021, we entirely relocated the business and our families to beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. Our new Charlotte office is home to our staff, inventory, and photography studio. Crown & Buckle does all order fulfillment in-house to ensure the highest control and accuracy.

Crown & Buckle has received a lot of love from mainstream and watch media over the years, ranging from print publications (International Watch, Bloomberg, Gear Patrol), fashion publications (Hypebeast, Complex, Acquire), and countless blog and podcast features (Worn & Wound, aBlogToWatch, The Grey NATO).

As watch enthusiasts through and through, Crown & Buckle proudly supports and sponsors several watch forums, web sites, and fairs/shows, including Watchuseek, Worn & Wound, and the Wind Up Watch Fair. Be sure to check them out!

Our Team

Thomas – Owner & Founder

A Floridian through-and-through, Thomas grew up on the Gulf coast before settling on the Atlantic side. From an early age, he knew that his passion for entrepreneurship was his calling, which led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in small business. By starting his career at a successful niche luxury brand, he was able to hone in on what it took to run a successful business.

Here at C&B, Thomas wears many hats. He’s not only responsible for driving our company culture and creating an exceptional experience for our customers, but he is the mastermind and developer behind our website. When not leading the company, Thomas can be seen working on or racing his vintage track car, cycling (on or off road), shooting photos, and of course, enjoying watches.

His interest for watches began in high school, and later became an obsession after a friend helped him research and purchase a vintage dress watch for a special occasion. These days, his collection has gravitated to sport watches and a few chronographs, both modern and vintage. You'll usually find him wearing a brown leather strap or a NATO that has had the second layer snipped off.

Veronica – Operations

Veronica is Michigan born, Florida raised, and a true tomboy at heart. More importantly, she is our team foodie: mac & cheese or pineapple pizza don’t stand a chance. After graduating with a B.S. in Marketing and Professional Sales, she immediately relocated to NYC and started her career in custom men’s clothing. That experience developed her passion for small business, which led to her joining our team in Fall '16. When Veronica is not holding down the fort, she can be seen exercising, traveling anywhere cold, spending time with her extremely large family, or searching the web for her future puppy. You are liable to find her awkwardly dancing in the stockroom.

Veronica's taste in watches leans toward large ‘boyish’ styles with a clean, minimalist dial. You'll usually find her wearing a Seiko SARB035 on a Black Label leather strap, or a colorful NATO that matches her outfit.

Jeff – Strategy

Jeff comes from a long lineage of ‘Idea Men’ who possess a unique taste for innovation and originality. Before joining C&B in 2015, Jeff's varied background included small business consulting, being a musician, and technical recruiting in NYC for a large corporation. When he’s not analyzing data or formulating creative solutions, he can be seen cruising in his beloved modified truck, tinkering with anything broken, traveling, or taste testing new bourbons.

Simple and clean design is the first thing that defines Jeff's taste in watches. His go-to watch and strap are his Nomos Orion 38 paired with an olive leather Black Label strap, though his latest obsession has been the GMT Master II...

Taffney – Administration

Taffney hails from the ‘burbs of the windy city of Chicago, and is darn proud of it. Yes, deep dish pizza from Gino’s East and the Green Bay Packers (long story) are cherished near and dear to her heart. After graduating with a B.S. in Elementary Education, she started her career teaching grades K-3, but we talked her into joining our team in 2013. With her Type A personality, she keeps the team on track and organized and is the only member to be caught sporting a sweater in the heat of summer. Away from her list making, Taffney can be found traveling around the world, exercising, adoring her cats (Bosco and Gracie), or buried in a good romance novel.

When it comes to watches, Taffney loves minimalist dials. You will always find her wearing a classic grey leather strap paired with her Stowa Antea or vintage Tudor.