Premium Spring Bar Tool


For the hardcore strap aficionados, we carry a premium alternative to our basic spring bar tool. After getting our hands on the Worn & Wound spring bar tool, we knew we had to stock them in our store.

This tool carries the essentials: a small forked tip at one end, and a small pusher tip at the other end. You'll use the forked tip for watches without lug holes, and the pusher tip for watches with drilled lug holes. One of the coolest features of this tool is that the anodized aluminum body includes threaded on caps at each end to protect the tips when you aren't using the tool.

Included free of charge with each tool is a pair of replacement tips (one forked, one pusher) that simply screw in and out of the tool. The body + caps are black anodized aluminum, and the tips are precision-milled steel. Worn & Wound branding on the body.



Buckle TypeN/A
TypeSB Tool

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