Walnut Boxcalf


This strap is unlike any leather NATO we have carried in the past. It is a "Boxcalf" style leather, which is chrome tanned, full-grain calfskin leather. Both the flesh and grain side of the leather are treated to ensure both sides are soft, smooth, and durable. This leather is incredibly strong and has virtually no stretch. Boxcalf is somewhat stiff when it is brand new, but trust us, these straps are worth the break in period! This strap is one of the most durable and long-lasting leather NATO straps you will find on the market.

The Walnut coloration is a medium-tan dye that is applied to both the grain and underside flesh of the leather. It is similar in color to a natural veg tan leather that has been in the sun for a year+. This color is quite versatile in the types of watches it can be paired with.

Each strap is made by hand in the United States. It is machine sewn using medium gauge poly thread. This model is constructed in a standard NATO style. The backside of this strap is the unlined natural suede of the leather. It features 304L stainless steel NATO hardware.

This leather is produced in and sourced from France.



Length11" / 280mm
Buckle TypeN/A
TypeLeather NATO

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