Veg Tan NATO


Dustin Case is the craftsman and mastermind behind Woodnsteel, a small dry-goods shop out of Indiana. These straps aren't just hand cut and sewn. Dustin buys natural raw hides that are tanned in the United States, and dyes them by hand. He even goes so far as to brush the hardware himself. The straps are finished off with durable waxed linen thread, also sourced in the U.S.

These straps are going to be extremely durable and last for years to come, something that Dustin prides himself on. Just slightly stiff at first, these break in beautifully and are very comfortable straps.

Veg tan leather is, as the name suggests, tanned with the tannins found in vegetable-matter. Our veg tan straps are left un-dyed and will darken and age significantly with exposure to the sun, the oils on your skin, etc. These are great straps to watch "come alive" with use. They are stitched with off-white waxed linen thread, and have hand-brushed hardware.


Length11" / 280mm
Buckle StyleBrushed SS
TypeLeather NATO

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