Supreme NATO - 22mm Burgundy


DISCONTINUED // This item is being phased out and will not be restocked. When it's gone, it's gone. Enjoy it now with a solid discount.

As NATO straps have grown in popularity, major Swiss watch makers have taken notice. Luxurious nylon straps, complete with specialty hardware, took NATOs to the proverbial next level in both quality and price (think $200+). Always focused on the best value for your dollar, Crown & Buckle set out to make that quality accessible. Our Supreme NATO line is the highest quality nylon NATO strap we have made to date, and our answer to Swiss price tags.

The top-grade ballistic nylon is incredibly dense, but devoid of any perceptible ridges like in traditional NATO nylon weaving. This means the nylon surface is completely smooth, and the feel in your hand is similar to an automotive seat belt. The nylon is cut with a state of the art ultrasonic machine, leaving perfectly sealed tips and sizing holes that have no irritating bumps/burrs.

Supreme does not end with its nylon: the hardware is also a step above. The 316L stainless steel keepers feature machined beveled corners, and a flat profile, giving them a more angular and rugged look. The buckle is finished to a high degree, featuring a CNC machined solid tongue (versus folded flat stock), and is perfectly proportioned: not too large, but not too slim either. All of the hardware features a uniform brushed satin finish. Each strap is carefully assembled by ultrasonically fusing the nylon, and then stitching it with strong nylon thread.


Length11.5" / 290mm
Buckle StyleNATO
TypeSupreme NATO

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