Straps4ACure - Cancer Research Charity


UPDATE 10/01/18: #Straps4ACure is back! click here to check out the new version and help us raise an additional $20,000+!

UPDATE 10/12/16: $18,710 donated so far! C&B, Mike, and his family thank everyone for their sincere and earnest support of this project.

#WATCHFAM – this little hashtag amongst the watch community on Instagram has truly taken on a new meaning over the last few months for @mikeswatches. In February 2015, almost 8 weeks after the birth of Mike's first son, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. As their world was turned completely upside down, the support from the #watchfam helped Mike's family get through the difficult times.

With his spouse battling cancer, Mike says that a feeling of uselessness set in. There was little he could do to help his wife get through each day and each chemo treatment. Out of this hopeless feeling spawned an idea – a watch strap to raise funds for cancer research. This is a way for the watch community and those affected by cancer to show their support, not just to @mikeswatches and his family, but to all of those impacted by this terrible disease.

Through the #Straps4ACure initiative we will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in order to support their efforts in preventing, treating, and curing breast cancer. That means every penny of each $16 strap sold will be donated. Purchase yours and help spread the word by using the hashtag #Straps4ACure!



Length11" / 280mm
Buckle TypePolished SS
TypeStandard NATO

Additional Sizes