Russet Oiled

Russet Oiled

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Classic two-piece straps are back as part of our American Made collection. The finest American materials and skilled local craftsmen result in high-quality, stylish, and durable straps.

Russet Oiled is a single layered leather strap with a natural suede underside. The dark brown leather has a relatively smooth and even appearance until flexed, when lighter undertones appear. Russet is a moderately oiled leather, lending to the aforementioned pull-up effect.

Matching dark brown thread is used to horizontally machine-stitch this strap, and the edges are subtly dyed in a matching color. One fixed and one floating keeper. The strap is supplied with a 304L stainless steel buckle in your choice of finish. While our Black Label straps are very precise and clinical, our American Made two-piece straps have a more vintage and rustic feel.

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Thickness 2.5mm
Length 115/75mm (Reg.)
Widths 18x16, 20x16, 22x18 (lug x buckle)
Buckle Type Vintage Style
Buckle Finish Your Choice
Color Brown
Type Leather 2-Piece