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Oxblood Leather - 19mm PVD 5-Ring

Oxblood Leather - 19mm PVD 5-Ring

$34.00 USD

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Watch strap Details

Perhaps our best one-piece leather strap creations thus far, these leather 5-ring style straps are a beauty to wear and admire. The leather is a hefty 2mm thick (4mm at the doubled-section underneath the watch). These straps feature the large hardware from our HD NATO straps, but with the 5-ring "double layer" NATO type construction. They are perfect for modern sports watches.

This strap features an oxblood colorway, and matte black PVD stainless steel hardware. The oxblood leather features a subtle "pull-up" brightening effect where it's pulled tight.

If you prefer the single layered 3-ring style, it is easy to trim the second layer off these straps. They can also be shortened to length. Click here to watch the informative video on trimming and installing these straps.

Please note: the thickness of these straps may not fit watches with tight lug clearance.

Status: Discontinued


Width 19mm
Thickness 2.0mm
Length 11" / 280mm
Buckle Type Matte PVD
Color Brown