C&B x LZ Snow Camo NATO


Piece unique: each strap being cut from a different section of the hide guarantees that your strap will be unique in the camo pattern.

The third color drop is an arctic camouflage Italian leather, similar in style to the first green camo. The strap is layered with the same camo leather on both sides, and is stitched with tan thread from top to bottom. It is ~2.0-2.2mm thick, and 11.5" long with 13 holes.

Each strap is proudly hand crafted in the United States, in New York City. This color is a limited edition of 50 pieces total - between all sizes/hardwares.

Click here to watch an informative video on installing and trimming these straps. Trimming is not necessary in most cases, but may be necessary for smaller wrist sizes. Make sure to install the strap as depicted in the video, as pulling the strap through the spring bars can easily damage the leather.


Length11.5" / 290mm
Buckle StyleNATO
TypeStandard NATO

Additional Sizes