Keyring Spring Bar Tool


Chances are there is a short list of items you carry with you daily: phone, wallet, keys, watch. You may also change your watch strap on the daily. If any of this rings true, you're going to want to pick up one of these keyring spring bar tools to have on you at all times.

When we pitched the idea to our friends at Worn & Wound, they wholeheartedly agreed that it would be awesome to have a sleek, compact spring bar tool that you could effortlessly carry with you wherever you go. They helped us design and manufacture this tool to their high standards. The tool is a two-piece design. The cap is black anodized aluminum, with a white C&B logo, and a split keyring attachment that you can add to your key set. The separate lower portion is the tool itself, and it screws into the cap for safe keeping. The tool section features a knurled texture for added grip.

Included with each tool is both a pointed tip for drilled lugs, and a forked tip for regular lugs. You'll be able to pick which tip is more suitable for your watches and leave that one attached to the tool. Both tips screw into the tool, and are finely machined out of stainless steel for durability and precision. Lastly, included with the tool is a 9mm split keyring for attaching to your existing key set. 3" long including the cap.

Note: Make sure to firmly screw the tool into the cap, otherwise the threads will eventually loosen and the tool will fall out.

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