Bulldog Natural


As a follow up to our recently-popular Predator Tan strap, the Bulldog Natural is a beautiful Horween leather we picked right off their shelves in Chicago. The leather is a nice neutral tone of brown with some rippled surface texture. This is a dry leather, dissimilar to Chromexcel (no waxy surface). Please allow some variance versus the photos on the lightness or darkness of the leather. Expect this strap to darken up with age.

Bulldog leather is full-grain, combination chrome tanned leather that is similar to Latigo. The silver/grey stitching is an added touch that sets this strap apart. These straps are very sturdy, with a thickness in the 1.6mm-1.9mm range. Expect little to no stretch with this strap.

Each strap is made by hand in the United States, including hand stitching using heavy gauge thread. This model is constructed in a single-layered 3-ring NATO style. The backside of this strap is the unlined natural suede of the leather. It features stainless steel "Heavy Duty" style hardware in Brushed SS or Black PVD.

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Length11" / 280mm
Buckle TypeN/A
TypeLeather 3-Ring

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