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Brynn - 22mm

Brynn - 22mm

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Brynn is a new model, but think of it as an off-shoot of our popular Chevlon model. The Brynn is from the same type of oiled leather, but is lighter brown in color, and a little bit less textured. The color is what we would best describe as... light brownie! Yes, the baked treat!

At about 4mm thick, these are nice and sturdy straps while still being very pliable and comfortable. They are fully box-stitched with matching brown thread. They each taper 2mm towards the buckle, which is a brushed Thumbnail model.

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Width 22mm
Thickness 4.0mm Flat
Length 120mm/75mm (Regular)
Buckle Type Thumbnail 20mm
Buckle Finish Brushed
Color Brown
Type Leather 2-Piece

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