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The Making of Black Label


This is week 2 of our Black Label Experience series, where we will be posting a behind the scenes view of our Black Label line over the coming weeks. View all the posts here.

Frequently we receive requests to see more behind the scenes action from C&B. We did not want to spill the beans before the launch last month, but now that Black Label is available in all it's glory, we want you to be able to experience the ~2 years that lead up to the launch.

Over the next 6+ weeks, we are going to devote one blog post a week to showing the product development, materials, branding, web site work, photography, and everything else that we poured our efforts into leading up to the Black Label launch. Posts will go live every Wednesday afternoon.

We think this is going to be a great experience for everyone. It will be fun for us to share, and we think you'll enjoy learning more about our method, thought process, and inspiration while getting to see some cool behind the scenes visuals. See you next Wednesday!