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The Logo and Mark


This is week 6 of our Black Label Experience series, where we will be posting a behind the scenes view of our Black Label line over the coming weeks. View all the posts here.

Since Black Label was to be a distinct product line within the Crown & Buckle brand, it needed its own visual identity. In September 2015, we set out to define that identity with the help of our friends at Motto. On a broad scale, we knew from the beginning that we wanted the visuals of Black Label to be dark, clean, and high-fashion-esque. We started experimenting with logos, and created an internal document that hashed out some of the language we'd be using to define Black Label, much of which you can see in use on the Black Label page. A "mood board" for the photo style was also created, to help us stay on track during the multiple photo shoots of Black Label products.

After a few different iterations, we settled on the logo design you see below. The full Black Label logo combines several elements. The first thing you'll notice is the low contrast, grey-on-black coloration. Our standard Crown & Buckle logo mark is at the top, anchoring the logo with a familiar element. The Black Label text in the center is a sans-serif font that plays very well with our standard logo mark, while being differentiated enough to stand on its own. The last element is the icon, which is used throughout the Black Label web page and embossed on all of the Black Label products.

The icon is a free-form design that is simple, strong, and easy to remember and associate with Black Label. It may look like a ribbon or a banner at first glance. You might also be able to make out a fox head in the design. This loose association was to symbolize the sleekness and elevated nature (noble, wisdom) of the Black Label line. Used on its own or as a part of the complete logo, we really love the fox head icon. It is now Crown & Buckke's "iconic mark of quality."

Did you see anything in particular in our logo before reading about it's origins? We'd love to hear about your impression!