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Black Label - What's Next


This is week 8 of our Black Label Experience series, where we will be posting a behind the scenes view of our Black Label line over the coming weeks. View all the posts here.

Black Label launched with a solid variety of products, but that was just the beginning. When we launched in May, the collection consisted of 12 straps in 3 sizes (18, 20, 22), and 5 watch rolls in 3 styles (1, 4, and 6 watches). We've already sold out of a couple of the rolls (which we are working to restock!) and some of the straps are getting low.

While we are restocking most of the straps this week, some of the straps were made with leather that had a limited supply. Once they sell out, we won't be restocking some of the models (for instance, the Alcott). This will always be the case with some of the Black Label straps. We like to buy interesting leather that speaks to us, even if we can only get 1-4 hides of it, leaving us with a limited supply.

The good news is that we already have new models in the works. We plan to get into a wider variety of leather colors and textures, as well as explore other stitching patterns. So far all of the Black Label straps are side-stitched, but that won't always be the case. There are several other stitching patterns for a strap that we think will fit in great, and offer more variety to the collection. Furthermore, we will consider offering more width and length options for the straps, which has been a common request.

We also plan to offer more colors of our pouches and rolls. They have been well received this summer, and will undoubtedly pick up this fall/winter, as they make an awesome gift for any watch lover.

Be on the look out for new models landing later in 2016!