About Chevron™ Straps

Crown & Buckle's exclusive Chevron™ straps are a game changer. There is nothing on the retail market quite like them. A hybrid between Perlon and NATO straps, Chevron straps are adjustable length, single-pass nylon straps. Key features include a unique alternating nylon weave, precise ultrasonic sizing holes, a fully stitched tip, and 316L hardware finished to a high degree.

Find The Perfect Fit

Follow these steps to easily adjust the length of your Chevron strap:

Key Features

Unique nylon weave

Each strap's base color has two alternating threads that are slightly contrasted for depth. The two threads are woven at differing height and thickness, creating a three dimensional, diagonal effect in the weave. For the colorways with a center stripe, the stripe is woven with thicker thread and in a straight vertical pattern. The colored stripe thus further stands out from the main diagonal weave. The nylon is finished with precision: five ultrasonically cut & sealed sizing holes hold up to wear, and the fully stitched end tip prevents fraying (one of the toughest steps of production!).

Killer hardware

The angular keepers are inspired by our Supreme NATOs, now 0.3mm wider and with new height specs tailored for a single layer strap. The adjustable ladder buckle and tongue is CNC machined from solid 316L SS. The buckle has a natural curvature for comfortable wear. The Brushed hardware option has brushed top surfaces, with high-polished sides and facets. The Polished hardware option has high-polished top surfaces, and matte brushed sides and facets. This is a subtle detail, the high degree of finishing on each piece of metal is really a sight to behold!

Utmost comfort

As an adjustable single-pass strap, the Chevron wears wonderfully. Being a one-piece strap, it offers protection against the watch falling if one spring bar fails. However, it does not raise the watch off the wrist as much as a NATO strap, and the buckle is centered underneath your wrist. With the length adjusted perfectly via the ladder buckle, there is no bulky strap "tail" to fold backwards or deal with. Simply tuck the end of the strap into the sliding keeper, and enjoy your Chevron strap.