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Prototype Vintage Spice - Horween Strap

Prototype Vintage Spice - Horween Strap

$30.00 USD


What we wish to test on the strap is how suitable this type of leather is for long-term wear. The leather is buttery-soft and has a bit of stretch to it. That means it's supremely comfortable right out of the package, and doesn't require any break-in. However, it also means that it might get a bit floppy and stretchy down the road. It could also compress and shrink a little bit by the lugs.

We are looking for some feedback down the road after you've worn the strap a bit. All that we ask is that you evaluate the strap with the above info in mind, and we wish that you won't judge all of our American Made straps by this strap. Chances are you are going to love it, but the leather is unlike any we've ever sold in the past, so we want to play it safe. All that being said, we are going to sell these for $30, about 1/3 their retail price and cheaper than most of our foreign made 2-piece straps.

Part of our new American Made collection, this strap is hand crafted in-house at our South Florida facility. This strap is made with Vintage Spice cow leather from legendary Horween Leathers, a century-old tannery in Chicago.

Status: Discontinued


Thickness 3.5mm Flat
Length 120mm/75mm (Regular)
Buckle Type N/A
Color Brown
Type Leather 2-Piece