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Phalanx Short - 18mm Olive

Phalanx Short - 18mm Olive

$36.00 USD


Mount a Phalanx to just about any watch to add a unique rugged look. The olive drab canvas is padded and backed with black leather, making this strap very flexible and comfortable to wear.

Stitched in matching olive drab thread, this strap features one floating and one sewn-in keeper. It is finished off with a brushed Hybrid buckle.

Please note: due to the woven cloth nature of the canvas, small frays near the edge of the strap and at the adjustment holes are to be expected.

Short 105/70mm length.

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Width 18mm
Thickness 4.5mm Contoured
Length 105mm/70mm (Short)
Buckle Type Hybrid 16mm
Buckle Finish Brushed
Color Other
Type Canvas 2-Piece