NATO Specs and Changes

2013 Update: Our inventory is now 100% updated to the new style NATO straps! All orders will receive a strap with the new specs. Read about the updates below.

Current NATO strap specs (applies to all NATO straps). Overall length: 11.0" (280mm). Sizing increments: 13 holes, fit wrists approximately 5 3/4" to 9". Keeper spacing: 1.0" (25mm).

In 2012, our NATO supplier listened to our customer requests and made a few positive changes to our NATO straps. These changes have been implemented and all of our inventory now includes each change.

  • The height of the keepers was greatly reduced. The keepers now hold the excess strap "tail" much tighter, maintaining a better hold and keeping a lower profile.
  • The keeper spacing was increased by 1/4". The keepers are now 1" apart.
  • The sizing hole spacing was adjusted to fit a better range of wrist sizes (approx. 5 3/4" to 9").

    Many of the photos on our web site are of the previous style NATO. In the future we will work to replace all those photos, but it is a very time consuming process. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.