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Beginner's Kit

Beginner's Kit



Full retail value: $39.50 (22% discount)

A great gift idea for that special someone that is just getting into watches and strap changing. This kit includes our basic spring bar tool for changing watch straps, a keyring portable spring bar tool, extra spring bars, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Full details below!

  • 1x Basic spring bar tool
  • 1x Pair of spare tips for basic tool
  • 1x Keyring portable spring bar tool
  • 2x Pairs of 18mm spring bars
  • 2x Pairs of 20mm spring bars
  • 2x Pairs of 22mm spring bars
  • 1x Microfiber cleaning cloth
Basic Spring Bar Tool   +$7.85
Spare Tips   +$1.18
Keyring Spring Bar Tool   +$15.70
Spring Bars - 18mm   +$0.98
Spring Bars - 20mm   +$0.98
Spring Bars - 22mm   +$0.98
Microfiber Cloth   +$1.96
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